Vikingen Sunset

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One of a kind project – Vikingen Sunset

Amazing location: Just above the Esentepe Municipal Sandy Beach. Apartments with uninterrupted sea views.. Only 48 privileged units. ONLY LUXURY. The sun, the beach, the sea… and the magnificent coastline with the most beautiful sunsets under your feet. Just luxury quality and pure comfort. Delicately chosen material selections from top-quality international brands; carefully selected plot location. You can be the owner of a high quality house with every inch designed flawlessly for you.

“Vikingen Sunset” from the Vikingen Project Series
Classy building exterior. Open-Air Cinema. Multi-level Swimming Pools. Yoga area with awesome sea view
Vikingen Sunset is now on sale. With convenient payment plans, this opportunity will be the one you can’t miss.

Sunset comprises two-storey apartment blocks, upon which sits the beautiful multi-levelled swimming pool, sauna, SPA and Fitness. Light and airy, the interiors reflect your unique sense of style. Choose from one-bedroom apartments in ground floor with private garden or two bedroom loft-apartments in the penthouse floor with access to the roof terrace.

The natural-style swimming pool offers stunning sunset views under your feet. Here you can take an early morning swim to start the day, or spend an afternoon sun-kissed by the pool after training in the gym.

Total # of units: 48 Units (All Sea view)
1 bedroom Units: 24 Units
2 bedroom Units: 24 Units


Project Location: Esentepe KYRENIA/TRNC

The project consists of 4 blocks. It has the characteristics of 24 2+1 lofts and 24 1+1 flats, with a total of 48 flats.

  • Placed on First Floor
  • Area: 42 m2
  • Terrace: 12 m2 + Garden (Not Evaluated yet)
  • Ground Heating System is optional
  • Location: Opposite of Esentepe Public Sandy Beach
  • Multi Levelled Outdoor Swimming Pools
  • SPA
  • Sauna
  • Fitness/Gym and Pilates
  • Pool Bar
  • Open-Air Cinema
  • Open-Air Yoga Area
  • The building will be manufactured in a reinforced concrete carcass system.
  • In the sitting area of the building, the excavated ground will be compacted and gravel will be laid on it, then 10 cm high (BS18) lean concrete will be poured. A polymer bitumen waterproofing cover will be laid on the lean concrete for waterproofing purposes in a way that will also bundle the foundation.
  • The concrete and iron quality to be taken as a basis for the project will be C 25 and S420 seismic steel. Concrete class may vary according to the static project.
  • External walls TSE certified Class A fireproof 13.5 cm perforated brick or gas concrete, internal partition walls; It will be built with brick or gas concrete.
  • All lintels (door and window tops, etc.) will be applied as ready-reinforced gas concrete or cast-in-situ concrete.
  • Plasters; The gauge will be in plumb and square, and plaster will be made with integrated, abs, lafarge and equivalent brand as material.
  • Fireproof cable will be used in all electrical installations.
  • A channeled electrical shaft will be constructed between the apartments and the main distribution panel of the building.
  • All switches and sockets in the flat will be Schneider, Viko Karre series or equivalent.​
  • The fuses will be imported first class brands.
  • The meter box will be 2 mm thick sheet metal and electrostatic painted.
  • All cables going from the meter box to the apartments will be labeled.
  • There will be 2 sets of block TV, internet and telephone sockets in the living room.
  • There will be sockets for TV, internet and air conditioning in the rooms.
  • There will be 2 double sockets and sockets for the oven and stovetop, dishwasher and refrigerator in the kitchen.
  • There will be 1 socket for the washing machine and 2 sockets for the sink.
  • The exterior of the building will be painted with plaster putty + silicone additive JOTUN brand and equivalent, with a feature and thickness to be determined according to the thermal insulation calculation, with high Thermal Insulation value.
  • Decorative jambs will be used in dimensions suitable for the project.
  • Balcony railings will be made of glass railings and stainless chrome handrails according to the architectural design suitable for the facade characteristics of the building.
  • Water tank and central hydrophore system will be used together with the water heater system.
  • 1st class pipe will be used in indoor hot and cold water installation.
  • Septic tank and all manholes to be used will be made of concrete in suitable dimensions for the project.
  • All the flooring, assembly, painting, etc. works to be done in the works subject to the contract (construction) will be done with 1st class workmanship.
  • TSE compliance will be taken into account in the proposal and application of all materials.
  • 1 Unit placed on First floor
  • 3 Units placed on Second Floor
  • Area: 67 m2
  • Terrace: 12 m2
  • Roof Terrace: Around 35 m2
  • Ground Heating System is optional
  • Spacious balcony with a beautiful view
  • Garden plot or roof terrace (depending on the floor)
  • 3.1 meter Ceiling height
  • Ventilation in all bathrooms
  • Fully equipped bathrooms
  • Equipped kitchen with stone countertops
  • Fitted wardrobes in each bedroom (with mirror)
  • Double-glazed indows
  • Interior doors
  • Ceramic flooring and laminate flooring in the bedrooms
  • Parking place
  • Ability to order a design package
  • Interior doors
  • The bedrooms will be covered with vitreous, Yurtbay, Kütahya and equivalent brand ceramics.
  • The floors of the living room, hall, kitchen and balcony will be covered with vitreous, Yurtbay, Kütahya and equivalent brand ceramics.
  • All walls and ceilings will be painted with satin on gypsum plaster, jotun or equivalent brand.
  • Coat rack and wardrobes are made of MDF and will be produced in accordance with the project.
  • Kitchen cabinets will be made as MDF modular cabinets.
  • Kitchen countertops will be Çimstone countertops and equivalent brands.
  • Kitchen cabinet drawers etc. systems with brake mechanisms will be used.
  • Sink mixer will be chosen as eca, artema and equivalent brands.
  • Sinks will be used as teka and equivalent brands.
  • Ceramics to be used in bathroom areas will be 1st class vitra, canakkale, yurtbay, Kütahya ceramics and equivalent brands.
  • The material of the bathroom cabinet and the cabinet over the toilet in the bathrooms is MDF and will be manufactured in accordance with the project dimensions.
  • The sanitary ware to be used; eca, artema and equivalent brands will be.
  • The ceiling in the bathroom will be suspended and illuminated with spotlights.
  • Wall-hung closet and reservoir set, vitra and equivalent brands will be used.
  • In the landscape area, proper irrigation scheme will be made for germination, flowering, trees and garden.
  • Walking areas; The roads that will provide access from the site entrance to the building entrances and social areas will be arranged by laying concrete or decorative cobblestones.
  • A pool will be built according to the project dimensions. Ceramics to be used in the pool will be vitra, Yurtbay, Kütahya and equivalent brands. Deck coating will be made on the sides of the pool.
  • External stair steps, floors and skirting boards will be covered with natural marble.
  • Stair railings will be made of glass and the handrail will be made of chrome stainless.
  • Joinery will be used in accordance with the color in the architectural project with High Quality Aluminum casing and double glazing.
  • All windowsills will be made of natural marble and 0.5 cm inclination will be given.
  • Flat entrance doors will be steel doors.
  • The interior doors of the flats will be 1st class American panel doors.


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