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We offer several services designed to help you with your new home.

Site Management

Emperia Developments manages all the services you may need on a site, such as site management, technical service support, annual building maintenance, pool maintenance, site lighting maintenance and landscape management and maintenance in all the projects it develops with its expert unit. Emperia Developments’ projects never lose value even after many years, and every year structures and common areas live as if they were the first year.

This service contains of

Maintenance of common areas, Daily cleaning of common areas and stairs
Daily garden maintenance, Security Cameras
Lighting of common areas and stairs, Pool maintenance
Pool Bar management

Renting Service

In the Vikingen, landlords can rent out their homes when they’re not using them. Your home will be in use optionally, in the form of short term -daily rentals- or long term −6 month or annual rentals-. The Rental Department, which is contained within Emperia Developments, provides you with services such as renting your house, tracking the tenant, tracking electricity, water bills, depositing the rents into your account that you will notify us of, cleaning after the tenant leaves, and, if necessary, technical repair and maintenance, and gives you regular weekly reports in the process.

This service contains of

Check in Check out, Housekeeping Service, Tracking Bills and online report,
Airport Transfer, Rent a Car, Laundry Service Online Tracking (Reports)
Repair Services

Watch Construction Online

Follow 24/7 how the construction of your house is going. When the Construction starts in Vikingen Sunset project; you will be able to watch the site on our web site:

After-sales Support

Emperia Developments is with you in everything you need after sales. After sales, our team of after-sales accompany you in your tax office and municipal transactions, your electricity and water meter subscriptions, and in visiting contracted stores if you want to furnish your home. Even after years, you can easily reach the assistant we appointed for you.

Project Development

We develop different types of residential and commercial areas in the best locations and provide services to build happy homes with their infrastructure and superstructure.

Digital Management

When you buy your new home, we enable you to choose all your materials during the project phase with our mobile application.

Smart Home

In all Emperia projects, you can optionally integrate your home into the Smart Home system, and with our mobile application, you can control everything from air conditioners to lighting, from curtains to television, from any point in the World.

Quality Management

In all of Emperia’s projects, care is taken to ensure that the infrastructure, superstructure and materials used are sustainable, functional, comfortable and of A quality. We take the responsibility of our buildings after the turnkey delivery.


We are open to project-based collaboration within the framework of transparency and clarity.



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