In mid-August 2022, we bought an apartment from Emperia Development with the start of construction soon. Were in place. It was a bare piece of land. A year later, the houses have already been built (walls, roof, etc.). Construction is progressing very quickly. 

From the company, we have access to a surveillance camera, thanks to which we monitor the process every day around. Professional approach to timely ordering of air conditioners, household appliances and other options. I am in touch mainly with the company’s manager Mikhail, who is always ready to help and answer a question (special thanks to Mikhail).

In general, both the Empire Development company and our Siesta Beach Front complex are very satisfied with the choice and we easily recommend it to everyone else.

Thanks to the whole team!
Sincerely, Maxim and Olga Gutche


In my experience, Emperia Company is one of the best construction companies in Northern Cyprus. The management, as well as all the staff, are always ready to listen and, if possible, go to a meeting.As they say, I can only recommend with a clear conscience. Evgeniy.


I would like to express my gratitude to the entire team of the construction company “Еmperia” for their excellent organization and responsiveness. Manager Mikhail was always in touch with me and quickly answered all my questions. Thanks to the owner and head of Еmperia for excellent customer orientation!


I would like to express my sincere admiration to the Emperia Construction Company and personally to the President Sezgin Talsik and Sales Director Michael!
Stepping into your beautiful office, I was impressed by the unique atmosphere and design, harmoniously combining antique classics and high-tech.

My intuition immediately told me that I had come to the right place.
After an exchange of greetings and a rich, informative and competent conversation with Mikhail, I asked who your leader and inspirer of the concept is, which won me over literally from the doorstep.
Mikhail told me about the President of the company, Sezgin Talsik, and his concept. I thought that such an educated and passionate professional was not available for a unplanned meetings.

To which Mikhail replied to me that his Boss was on site and always available to meet with clients.

I immediately asked him, what about seismic safety? He squinted his intelligent eyes understandingly and asked me to wait a minute.

Thirty seconds later, this “Man from the Future” returned with a thick folder of documents containing all the latest information on pre-construction geologic surveys.

I was stunned. The tragic earthquakes in Turkey had just occurred, and seismic safety had become the most frequent word in the information space!

And then I saw that Emperia, long before these tragic events that shook the whole world, had put increased seismic safety in advance in the basis of its projects.

I was shocked that in our world, where profit is often at the center of business, there was a young ambitious engineer and businessman who had specifically trained as a civil engineer to put safety and reliability at the center of his business.
I was pleasantly surprised by this approach and told him that to me he was like the Elon Musk who is moving humanity forward!

After all this, of course, I bought an object in the project of the company Emperia.
Because these guys combine in their activities all the best that can be imagined in our time in this area.

Reliable construction, multiple reserves of seismic resistance, (exceeding official norms), elaborated futuristic design, developed infrastructure, unique locations near the mountains and the sea, allowing to combine the convenience of modern design and the eternal beauty of nature, with a very fast construction speed, which makes the projects of the company Emperia very attractive, both for investment and for living.

It is a young company, but I am convinced that this combination of principles simply guarantees it an outstanding future.
Moreover, the very approach to its business will soon become the benchmark in this field in Northern Cyprus. I sincerely wish Emperia to prosper!

Northern Cyprus needs you! We, your investors – need you! People who want to invest in high quality and reliable projects – need you!

You are the pride and decoration of our wonderful Island!
Sincerely and from the bottom of my heart, Alexander, Baron von Ungern Sternberg.


The company @emperiadevelopments is trustworthy and definitely meets the high quality standards declared on this island. I had experience interacting with other developers, but as a rule, they were all similar to each other, not quite flexible conditions and unambiguously, the price did not match the quality. 

The proposed small terraces, cramped living room, low ceilings, low-quality window frames – all this is the only popular offer. The developer turned out to be pedantic, responsible, purposeful and, as experience has shown, a decent person. These personal qualities led to an undoubtedly flawless result. Therefore, to say that I am happy with the purchase, without saying anything. 

The whole process of receiving apartments was accompanied by a friendly and polite attitude of the developer! Therefore, if you have plans to purchase comfortable housing for yourself, you need to conduct your own amateur research. And on this journey, all roads have led me to @emperiadevelopments. In addition, the head of the company and his strong, friendly, creative team are improving and expanding their horizons. 

Obviously, keeping up with the times, your assets will be relevant to a wide audience. I recommend the company👍


The guys have great plans, I like their strategy! If this really becomes a reality, then they will be the best developers in Northern Cyprus! Since there is no such service that they present on this island. In fact, today I really like everything! The online broadcast does not allow me to doubt when I am at home in Kazakhstan. I get all the reports on the progress of construction, where what wall was put and what is already ready, and this is really so! Since I flew to the island to personally verify this. And of course to relax in this heavenly place.


I bought an apartment remotely, the quality of construction and finishing is good, minor shortcomings were promptly eliminated during acceptance. Management, managers are always in touch, technical staff, Samet Bey especially, is also always in touch and is ready to help promptly even in cases when it is not his direct responsibility. There were problems with electricity, Samet arrived at 21.00 in the evening and helped to solve it, called specialists. A customer-oriented company, even after 2 years they are interested in customer problems and are ready to help. All the staff is very friendly. I definitely recommend cooperation.

Hello, the Emperia team. First of all, I want to mention the good work of the managers and the quick responses to my requests. For me, buying an apartment in another country was associated with risk. The apartment was bought “on a pencil” online in the Siesta complex and will be ready in 2024, in interest-free installments until the keys are handed over. I really liked the monthly reports on the state of construction, constant contact with managers and of course the camera from the construction site 24/7. Super! Payment by installments is made only upon completion of certain works, which gives confidence that the developer is also interested in the timely completion of construction. My daughter and her husband were in Northern Cyprus in February and visited the construction site, they did not really trust my idea until the last, as they had heard various stories about buying apartments from a pencil, but were pleasantly surprised by the state of construction, the system and order are visible. The developer’s office is located in the immediate vicinity of the object, which is also good news. I haven’t been to the place where my apartment is being built yet, but thanks to the 24/7 surveillance camera, I already know everything there. Of course, the construction has not been completed yet, but at this stage I am very pleased with the work of the company Emperia. Sincerely, Galina Traise
Armen Chnavayan

I, Armen Chnavayan, want to thank your company from the bottom of my heart For comfortable, effective and beautiful cooperation about property, investments and human relationships.

Thank you again, especially Michael for everything!
king regards,

Armen Chnavayan

The Blue - Tatiana Yukhno

I recently had the pleasure of working with Emperia to look and purchase a new dream vacation home. From start to finish, it was an absolute pleasure! From our initial conversations and throughout the whole process, Michael was very professional! He was highly knowledgeable about the local market and his company projects and made sure I always felt like a priority.

At each step in the whole process, Michael came through with his commitment to excellence. His negotiation skills were first-rate – he consistently found ways to get us the best deal possible. He also went out of his ways to ensure every detail was taken care of – from arranging questions to researching potential issues with a property.

Throughout our journey, Michael demonstrated immense patience and understanding of my situation and unswerving me again and again)) Whether I needed additional time for research or required more information about this property, they took it all in stride. He went out of his ways to provide me with extra resources and various options I could consider when deciding. Thank you for your time and help, Michael! Our family is very excited about our future vacation home!

Vikingen Sunset - Ruslan Mikiakhmetov

I’m happy that I’ve chosen to invest with Emperia. I like the company approach for the modern technologies, bonuses, mobile app and exceptional customer service. My inquiries have never been ignored and I always feel attention and participation with my issues.

Wish the company huge growth and to follow the direction they are moving now.

Vikingen Sunset - Slawomir and Wieslawa Tomczak

Another visit to Cyprus . We are in Esentepe where Emperia is building an apartment for us and making our dreams come true ….

We are very satisfied with the quality of service and construction, we met the very friendly and knowledgeable people, providing advice and assistance

Especially Michael, trying to answer every question and assisting in every situation, a man who cares about every customer

Having experience as a construction company, working in Poland with developers, we can in good conscience highly recommend Emperia company as a very good construction and development company.

Wiesia and Slawek – see you in Cyprus

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