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Our work mentality

From the Project Development Perspective

EMPERIA projects have a style. We have great affection for Cyprus and its nature, history and culture. With this in mind, we start designing our projects by analyzing the texture and socio-cultural structure of the region. EMPERIA starts with respect for the region and its history, as noted by its style. For this reason, EMPERIA projects are designed in an environmentally friendly and sustainable structure with low-density horizontal architecture. We believe that our region is not suitable for adjacent and cramped designs with tens of apartments in a single block. Cyprus is a region with very friendly locals and is dominated by a culture neighborly and helpful attitudes. When the older, historical structures of this region are examined, this result can be easily observed.

Mobile Application

EMPERIA application offers you: Payment tracking, fast communication with the company, maintenance and technical support request, Instant notifications of any developments or events specific to your property and/or region, along with many other special services.

48 Hour Rule

When you report any technical issue related to your property from the EMPERIA application, We promise that our technical team will solve your issue within 48 hours of the issue being recorded.

6 Hour Rule

Once you contact us by Email, WhatsApp or Phone Call, regarding any subject, we are committed to providing you with a response within 6 business hours.

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