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SEZGİN TALŞIK - Founder & CEO, Civil Engineer

I was born in Alanya on April 1st. I studied secondary and high school at TED Alanya College. In this process, I undertook the leadership of the teams that won the first place in Turkey in the:

• Artificial Intelligence and Robot Design Competition
• 2012 Environment Workshop held nationally in Turkey.

In 2013, I worked as a “Host” at IBSA “International Blind Sports Association”. I graduated from Girne American University, Department of Civil Engineering. During my high school years, I received German A2 and B1 diplomas from the Goethe Institute. I am a music lover and drummer. Also, i love competitive sports and deeply interested in playing & watching tennis. I am the director of Emperia Developments. Emperia founded in 2019 and before Emperia was founded, I worked as a professional real estate investment consultancy at a corporate real estate agency for 8 years. Our goal is for Emperia to be a construction company that provides corporate services with the best staff and make the difference with exceptional customer services. So basically, i can call Emperia not just an Developer company but Customer-Based Development company. This small detail makes the difference and Shows how different our mindset is.

I personally believe in self-development and system development in my career. In Emperia, we are maximising the help and support we can get from any kind of Technologies.


Director & Land Specialist


Sales Director


Sales-Technical Operation Manager


Construction Coordinator


Technical Manager, Electrical Engineer






Accounting & Assistant Manager

About us

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Emperia Developments is a construction company. From the foundation of constructions to the wall; from the wall to heat, water and sound insulation; From bathrooms to bedrooms, it is a very complex line of work not only with its superstructure but also with its infrastructure. Emperia Developments, together with its own engineer and architect staff, chooses the best sub-contractors and transforms the lands into constructions and the constructions into homes.

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